Should cyclists be made to carry a license?

Calls for new cyclists laws

cyclists in London. Credit: nrqemi/

A recent interview about road users has triggered a debate, with calls for cyclist ID’s, licensing and insurance proposed for the UK.

Nick Freeman, a prominent UK road traffic solicitor, has called for a significant overhaul in legislation affecting cyclists.

On a recent appearance on GB News, Freeman expressed his concerns on the disruption over what he termed ‘kamikaze’ cyclists, especially on roads with a 20mph limit.

The discussion took place in the face of an increasing trend to reduce speed limits in urban and residential areas.

Stricter regulations for cyclists

Freeman, often dubbed ‘Mr Loophole’ for his knack in navigating clients through road traffic charges, believes cyclists exceeding vehicle speeds contribute to chaos on the roads.

He argues for the introduction of stringent rules to enhance safety for all road users, following recent updates to the Highway Code which prioritise the well-being of pedestrians and cyclists.

‘Any legislation will lack teeth if cyclists remain anonymous. They must be required to display a form of identification – say a registered tabard or registration plate – and have a licence or insurance.

‘Otherwise, it is hard for those who break the law to be caught. In other words, make the same road traffic law which applies to motor vehicles apply to cyclists and e-bikes too.’

The challenge of 20mph zones

The attorney pointed out that drivers in a 20mph zone already have to pay excessive attention to their speedometers, a task he deems a distraction.

Freeman went on to explain the significant rise in the number of roads adopting a 20mph limit to promote safety, but  how drivers now face the additional task of looking out for reckless cyclists.

‘It’s such a dangerous situation and one the Government either overlooked or didn’t consider when drafting legislation for bikes and cyclists on our roads.

‘The number of accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians is increasing exponentially – which is why there is an urgent need to legislate to ensure cyclists obey the speed limit. Roads with a 20mph limit are already causing massive congestion whilst motorists are distracted by the constant need to brake.’

Nick Freeman earned the nickname ‘Mr Loopehole’ which saw him successfully defend a series of high profile cases. Previous clients have included: David Beckham, Sir Alex Ferguson, Freddie Flintoff, Jeremy Clarkson, Paddy McGuinness and Jimmy Carr.

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    • Peter Dare

      24 March 2024 • 10:57

      I have said this for many years. Motorbike users have to pay a licence fee and pass tests so why not cyclists? Many do not obey the basic rules of the road.

    • rab

      25 March 2024 • 10:12

      Cyclists should need a license and insurance before they hit the road, they should also observe the highway code and the police “”MUST”” enforce the laws.

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