My column rants are restricted

ONE of my problems of late, stems from the fact that because PC and immigrant issues are now being discussed far more openly, it tends to somewhat restrict my column rants.

Well, don’t worry, rest assured the ol’ boy will still manage to drag something up! I am of course delighted with this new, far more intelligent approach to our social issues.

As far as I’m concerned, as long as it isn’t deliberately derogatory or insulting, we should be able to publicly discuss and even lampoon any subject we choose.

In this respect all must be equal and without exception: particularly in cases of religion. Once again radical Islam comes to mind. Why should the Muslim religion be regarded as a special case? Who are they to threaten our democracy and consider themselves superior to our alternative beliefs and faiths?

Even London’s mayor (surprise surprise) issued a barely disguised threat to Donald Trump, when he stated that his (Trump’s) attitude would bring more terrorist attacks to America. Just who does this jumped up little pipsqueak actually think he is?

And while we’re about it, when did all the acting fraternity become men!? What happened to actresses? Or have you all you girls become ashamed of your genre?

And what about Ms and Mrs? We are now obliged to address the ladies as the married/unmarried Ms So and So. What sort of a mouthful is that? Ah the, generally unmarried Ms’s cry; but there’s no equivalent for married or unmarried men. No there isn’t, and more’s the pity, because Mr has to always be followed by added information, ie, he’s a Batchelor/Married etc. Would that we could have the luxury of a one word description of our marital status.

And finally, I once had two friends White Billy and Black Billy. Today I suppose we’d have to call them Anglo African Billy and Anglo Saxon Billy!

For crying out loud why don’t all you jobsworth luvvies grow up and give us all a break?

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