Influencer Clogs Pipes of an Entire Town

Image Source: Twitter

Being an influencer isn’t as risk-free, simple and easy as we previously thought. Apparently, being an influencer can come with some risks. Last week, three people died at an influencer’s birthday party, after being in contact with dry ice thrown into a pool. The Influencer had tried to create a smoke effect on her social media channels.

The search for new and innovative challenges among the influencers causes them to find more and more creative ways to create “buzz” for their channels and get more followers. Challenges that are sometimes not so well thought through, and sometimes end in disaster.

The last Influencer whos hunt for followers went really wrong was French influencer Cyril, who for some reason, thought that it would be a great idea to fill up his bathtub, toilet and sink with plastic gel beads (that expand in water) and photograph himself taking a bath. 

It was just that when he released the beads into the sewer system, they first clogged his own pipes, followed by his neighbour’s pipes, and then the whole town’s!

Being an influencer has its disadvantages too. Since everyone knows that he was the one who did it and where he lives, the city council located him easily and will make him face the consequences of the problems he caused.

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Henric Sundlof