Marbella Cocaine Trafficking Ring Led By School Janitor Busted

Marbella Cocaine Trafficking Ring Led By School Janitor Busted

Marbella Cocaine Trafficking Ring Led By School Janitor Busted. image: Nat Police

Marbella Cocaine Trafficking Ring Led By A School Janitor Busted.

A cocaine trafficking ring led by a school janitor in a Marbella school has been broken up by the National Police.

A joint operation led by the National Police and the Guardia Civil in Malaga has ended a criminal organization dedicated to cocaine trafficking on the Costa del Sol which was organised by a school janitor employed by a school in Marbella.

Seven people were taken into custody and more than two kilos of cocaine were seized. Several luxury vehicles, boats and more than 10,000 euros in cash were also discovered in the police raids across the province.

The investigation began in the middle of last year when agents became aware of a network that was supposedly making continuous shipments of cocaine to different parts of Andalucía -in quantities close to one kilo which was later split up and sold it in lower quantities.

Initial investigations verified the existence of the network, which was based on the Costa del Sol, and whose members were dedicated to the distribution of cocaine from Malaga to Almería and Granada.

Agents identified several people who were distributing cocaine in their vehicles and noticed that some of them were past offenders with a history of drug trafficking.

Investigators were surprised by the high standard of living of the ring leader in charge of the network since his work as a janitor in a public school in Marbella and salary contrasted greatly with him owning luxury vehicles and boats, one of them a yacht, which he had docked in Malaga’s marina.

The ring leader owned real estate worth more than half a million euros, although the properties were listed in the name of different relatives, according to the police investigation.

In addition, agents identified the drivers of the vehicles during the drug transfers to other parts of Andalucía, who used cars in the name of third parties so that “the perpetrators of the transports could not be related to those in charge of carrying out other functions “, such as counter-surveillance, said a police spokesman.

They also tracked down the middlemen, who allegedly cut cocaine to distribute it in smaller quantities to consumers. Once all the members of the organization had been identified,  agents detained a person while he was transporting a kilo of cocaine from Marbella to Roquetas de Mar, in Almería, which caused the rest of the members of the network to intensify security, although they did not cease their activity in March, the date of the arrest.

Days later they prepared a new shipment that culminated in the arrest of another of the organization’s drivers and the seizure of more than a kilo of cocaine. The haul was stashed in hidden a compartment designed to avoid detection by police checkpoints. This was soon found by a specialised drugs unit.

Finally, the main people involved were arrested, their homes were searched and their assets were seized.

Source: Malagahoy

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