CIA claims Uri Geller really has ‘convincing’ special powers

CIA claims they believe Uri Geller really has ‘convincing’ special powers

According to America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the 74-year-old Israeli- British stage performer and psychic showman, Uri Geller, does possess special powers. On its website, the agency has admitted conducting controlled tests on Geller’s mind, and concluded that he had “Demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner”.

Speaking this week, they said that the tests had shown “accurate findings to defy randomness”. Although, on another level, it had scrapped the proposed operation code-named the Stargate Project. This was because the “phenomenon was too unreliable, inconsistent and sporadic to be useful for intelligence purposes”.

He gave an exclusive interview to the Daily Star, in which Geller made startling claims. “The CIA has given me an amazing endorsement. I can obviously say that I have worked with the agency as it is on their website. But I’m afraid I cannot reveal any of the details of that work. What I can say is the agency is still using intuitives, psychics, and remote viewers”, he said.

Adding, “It will not admit it because it doesn’t want to risk a backlash from certain sections of the media. As a result this work is known as ‘deep black’ or top secret. But it is still happening”.

The former Israeli paratrooper found fame in 1973 after a television appearance, during which he had millions of viewers trying to use their minds to bend spoons. Unknown until now though is the fact that one year prior to this, Uri had agreed to let the CIA test his powers. He was taken to the Stanford Research Institute and they placed him in a sealed room.

One experiment involved a researcher choosing a random word, and then another person – who was outside of Geller’s room – would draw a picture inspired by that word. Uri’s challenge at this point was to guess what was in the drawing. It is reported that when the chosen word was ‘bunch’, and the other person drew grapes, Geller immediately started talking about ‘purple circles’.

Vikram Jayanti directed a 2013 documentary about Uri Geller, called ‘The Secret Life of Uri Geller’. During this, he produced substantial evidence of having worked as a secret agent for both Mossad, and the CIA. “A lot of people think he is a fraud, a trickster”, said Jaynita, “But he has a huge following and a history of doing things that nobody can explain”, as reported by


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