Belgian cyclist Cédric Baekeland dies aged 28 following a heart attack in Mallorca

Belgian cyclist Cédric Baekeland dies aged 28 following a heart attack in Mallorca.

BELGIAN cyclist Cedric Baekeland dies of a heart attack at the age of 28 during a training camp in Mallorca, Spain.

Mr Baekeland, from the Belgian city of Roeselare, rode for the Boby & Bike-BMB Boekhouding-The Rock Real Estate cycling team and had been on the Mediterranean island since March 12.

Baekeland and his teammates were preparing for the start of the Belgian cycling season, which begins on March 26 in Slypskapelle, Belgium.

However, on March 14, Baekeland suffered a heart attack. He managed to wake up his roommate before he collapsed and was sadly unable to be resuscitated.

According to Belgian news outlet Nieuws Blad, the young cyclist only recently took up the sport after playing football for both KSV Roeselare and Club Roeselare.

An injury stopped his footballing career but he proved to be good at cycling. The news outlet reports that he started in under 23s races as a member of the cycling team Dovy Kitchens-FCC Cycling Team. He stayed with the team for a few years before making the switch to Boby & Bike-BMB Boekhouding-The Rock Real Estate.

This season he would have been a full member of the team, riding in elite races.

At the request of the family, the cycling team does not wish to respond to what happened in Mallorca for the time being, Nieuws Blad reported.

Sadly, the news of Baekeland’s death comes after cycling lost another young rider.

On March 9, it was reported that Scotland’s Commonwealth Games cyclist John Paul died suddenly aged 28. His sudden death was mourned across the sport.

Then on Monday, March 21, the  101st edition of the famous Volta a Catalunya cycling race, which started in the comarca of Sant Feliu de Guixols in Girona, Catalonia, suffered a near-death incident, after Italian cyclist Sonny Colbrelli collapsed crossing the finishing line. Initial reports suggested that he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Colbrelli’s team, Team Bahrain Victorious, issued an official statement at the time: “After the sprint of the first stage of the Volta a Catalunya, Sonny Colbrelli fell unconscious. He received medical assistance and was in stable condition before being transferred by ambulance to the Hospital Universitari de Girona for treatment”, it read.

An update issued by the team on March 22 said: “Our medical team can confirm that Sonny Colbrelli suffered from a cardiac arrest that required defibrillation.

“The cause is still to be determined, and the Italian rider will undergo further tests tomorrow at the Hospital Universitari de Girona.

“Sonny Colbrelli’s clinical situation is good, and we wish him a prompt recovery.”

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    • mariusmioc

      19 March 2022 • 21:56

      Stupid man, believed in the covid vaccine and now is dead.

      • Yoppie

        23 March 2022 • 11:41

        And what’s more stupid, even after all the deaths in healthy young athletes, people are still running to get their endless boosters. 😩

      • Shoshanna

        27 March 2022 • 05:24

        That is the first thing that came to my mind, too. Sad

        • Jman

          27 March 2022 • 17:04


          We are not allowed to talk about it

          • DaMan

            29 March 2022 • 06:16

            That’s exactly why we HAVE to talk about it.

    • Raphaelle I

      27 March 2022 • 03:21

      Tragic the way this thing seems to target the talented and young. Aside from the loss of life, it is also now becoming a cultural holocaust – AIDS 2.0. Except C19 jab this time around instead of Hep B,,,

    • Diggi

      27 March 2022 • 05:47

      It’s a viral based genetic therapy shot used to sterilize the younger population as well as any other injury the shot might cause.

    • Chidambaran S

      27 March 2022 • 09:07

      Did he get vaccinated for Covid ?

    • Ben Sayer

      27 March 2022 • 13:14

      When all the young people started dieing and their was links to the vaxx I convinced myself that it probably wasn’t as cycling is notoriously strenuous on your heart and no vaxxed cyclists were dying. Well that’s not the case anymore

    • Frenly

      27 March 2022 • 16:35

      Vaxed? Bad choice.

    • Mel

      27 March 2022 • 17:24


    • Dr. S Bate

      27 March 2022 • 18:47

      Sad that people still believe that vaccines ar pe “our best way out of the pandemic”. The virus mutates and has an animal reservoir…thus, by definition, the vaccines can NEVER end the pandemic! Any M.D. knows this…ask one and see what they say.

    • Clint

      27 March 2022 • 21:27

      Remember when we were all young and some of our friends died of heart attacks? I blame the unhealthy lifestyle of cycling all day.

    • Jack Boot

      28 March 2022 • 13:28

      When will people admit to what is happening all around them. If you bought the lie, there is no need to DIE!

      This has now got beyond crazy, please people DO listen to your ‘lost inner self’, your previously held common sense. To find yourself, think for yourself. The Psyop has been unrelenting, it has been organized and pushed by nudge units and behavioural psychologists and has been planned for a long long time, this is not an accidental FLU.

      Please stop submitting to this madness, save yourself, save your family. Back to community, no Technocracy. No ‘Great Reset’. We need a Peoples Reset.

    • Andy Ross

      28 March 2022 • 21:41

      They’ll keep pushing the vaccine anyhow. People who still trust the medical establishment, government, and media at this point – what’s to be said about them? They don’t care that they’re killing people. Good luck on getting any sort of restitution.

    • David Rabinowitz

      31 March 2022 • 04:39

      It’s a terrible thing. Those Covidians who believed the lies in our local cycling club, all good, intelligent young men are still getting boosted even though three of them can no longer cycle or even move around much due to cardiac issues. Out of 10 men in our group of friends only myself and one other knew this was an obvious and evil lie from the beginning.

    • Cytheria Catt

      24 July 2022 • 05:05

      Young, fit men don’t suddenly drop dead from a heart attack. Obviously it was caused by the covid vaccine, and if you don’t want to believe that then you’re suffering from an extreme case of cognitive dissonance and head-in-sand-itis.

    • Dr Trth

      06 November 2022 • 17:32

      The coming year 2023 will see a massive increase in Sudden Deaths. Dr John Campbell even he recognises with utter shock the deadly vaccines and yes the EU President Ursula von der Leyen “secretly” IS SPENDING BILLIONS of Euros – EU taxpayers cash on secret dealings with Pfizer and others. This is criminal and must be stopped.

      Thank you EWN for allowing open-free speech on this topic.

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