Watch out for scams when you least expect them

Watch out for pickpockets and scammers Credit: Steve Buissinne CC

WATCH out for scams when you least expect them as there are a number that can take place which whilst not physically hurting anyone are certainly distressing and leave victims upset.

One of our readers has written with a warning to others about something that happened to them on the afternoon of May 25 as they were walking along the beach path in Riviera del Sol.

A man approached them and said that they were covered in bird poo and they realised that a brown sticky substance was over their backs and in their hair.

Thinking this was a true Samaritan they let themselves be led to the nearby disabled toilets where he helped them to clean up.

Before they had a chance to thank him properly or to even offer him some money, he rushed off which they found strange.

Next morning however the truth emerged as the husband of the couple discovered that his wallet containing cash and Caxton debit card had disappeared from the buttoned-up pocket of his shorts and the card had already been used five times

The couple are pensioners and he is recovering from a stroke, so it appears they were easy targets, which means they want their story to be a warning that if someone appears to be a guardian angel at a moment of stress, they might be the cause of it.

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