The best bed shop on the Costa del Sol (2023)

The best bed shop on the Costa del Sol

The best bed shop on the Costa del Sol. Image - Micolchon

Our bedrooms are one of our most private and personal spaces in the home, somewhere that we relax, recuperate and get that all-important sleep each night. It’s no surprise that our beds are one of the biggest investments in the home, ensuring that our bodies are supported and comfortable in order to fall into the land of nod.

That’s why we have found the best bed shop on the Costa del Sol to provide you with the best bases, mattresses, pillows and accessories for the perfect sleep.

We have looked at the best bed shops on the Costa del Sol that can provide you with knowledge and advice on the best bed for you and your loved ones, taking into account any ailments and issues.

Micolchon, the rest specialists with stores across the Costa del Sol, knows the importance of rest and the team is continuously trained by physiotherapists which makes them the best people to go to when looking for a new bed.

Founded 45 years ago, Micolchon is the only chain specialising in rest that offers the widest variety of products and manufacturers on the market, providing equipment, mattresses, pillows and bases from leading European firms including Tempur, Hukla, Sealy, Flex, Relax and Stressless. The team at Micolchon are the best placed in the area to provide you with knowledge and advice on the best products to ensure a restful night’s sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

How important is rest and rest equipment?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping – surprising, right? This shows you how important rest is to our everyday lives and overall health. If you have slept well, you wake up feeling and looking better, with more energy and better brain function.

Spain is one of the countries in the world with the longest life expectancy and, according to data from the INE (National Statistics Institute), life expectancy in the elderly has increased over the last few decades. The INE’s projection is that in 2035 life expectancy will reach 90 years for women, and 85 years for men. We must ask ourselves: do we give our rest the importance it deserves? We should bear in mind that physical and mental rest is essential for us to really feel well and live longer.

At Micolchon, the team will look for your ideal rest equipment – the ideal one for your physiognomy, your age, your health, and the use you are going to give it. There are many aspects to take into account when buying your rest equipment, but the knowledgeable team at Micolchon is here to help you decide!


To get the most restorative rest, we have to bear in mind that we need a rest team – the right base, the mattress that suits our body and the correct pillows to support our head and neck. The base of our bed is much more important than people realise, after all, is there much point in having a great mattress but a base that does not provide support or comfort?

Micolchon has a wide range of bed frames, including specialist products such as manual articulated bed bases, electric articulated bed bases, Tempur and Nessen bases, reinforced bases, upholstered bases and canapes.

Manual and electric articulated beds

The benefits of articulated beds are endless – they can relieve back pain, help pain caused by arthritis, improve posture, reduce snoring, improve circulation and reduce swelling.

A simple shift from a normal base to an articulated bed can improve sleepers’ health and well-being and also help with insomnia. Micolchon provides articulated bases from Somiflex, Tempur, Dorwin and more.

Upholstered bed bases

An upholstered bed base will provide firmness, support, help with weight distribution and is also aesthetically pleasing. Micolchon has a range of upholstered beds using breathable fabrics and reinforcement. The upholstered beds at Micolchon have the option to be customised, meaning you can choose the perfect base for your tastes and physique.

Micolchon provides upholstered bases from Nightland, Nessen, Tapiflex and Nord Swiss.

Fixed bases

The fixed bases at Micolchon provide a restful night’s sleep for the lowest price. Made from quality materials such as beech wood, with supportive slats and in a range of styles, a fixed base gives your mattress firm support that provides you with a restful night’s sleep. Micolchon’s wide range of fixed bases can also be customised by colour and the level of support your body needs.

Micolchon provides fixed bases from Tempur, Somiflex, Nightland and more.

Ottoman storage beds

Ottoman storage beds are not only stylish and supportive, but they also provide you with an abundance of storage space – they even have bases that include shoe storage and ones with motor control! Micolchon’s wide range of canape beds come in a range of colours, materials, fabrics and styles so finding the right one for you will be simple!

Micolchon provides canape beds from Nessen, Nightland and more.

Folding beds and Kangaroo beds

Having a folding bed for guests is always a great solution, taking up a little amount of space when not in use but perfect for friends or family to stay over! Micolchon sells folding beds with mattresses included as well as flexible folding beds with foam mats.

Children’s beds

Rest and sleep is essential for a child’s development and brain function and, at Micolchon, they have a range of beds available for your little ones to get the support and comfort they need.

Their range includes mattresses for cots for ultimate comfort and support, bunk beds in a variety of colours, beds with storage and single beds that can slide together for more space during the daytime.


The packs at Micolchon are complete rest sets. The goal is to make it easy for you, with a choice of mattress and base, or even mattress, base and pillow, so that you have rest options with just one click. These sets are designed so that the items that compose them are perfectly complementary and comfortable.

Micolchon offer you many types of packs, in addition to the most popular pack of slatted bed bases, mattress and pillow. They also have adjustable bed and mattress packs, either viscoelastic or latex, or folding bed and mattress packs. Stay alert because Micolchon constantly has offers in which we make rest sets at an unbeatable price!


Micolchon has a range of beautiful and versatile accessories including headboards, mattress toppers, Nordic quilts with various fillings, bedding, and textiles. Although our beds and textiles serve to give us a restful sleep, there is no need to sacrifice your taste and style – with Micolchon you can have it all! You can even choose from a huge range of fabrics and finishes to really bring your room together.

Sleeping in the heat of the Costa del Sol

Many expats move from the UK and other places around the world to the Costa del Sol to enjoy the beautiful beaches and mild weather all year round. However, the summer months can get very hot in the south of Spain, making it very difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep.

Getting regular sleep for six to eight hours a day, even up to 10 hours depending on our age, allows our body to recover, which is why the Mattressologists® at leading sleep chain MiColchon recommend enjoying a “restorative” rest to restore our nervous system and our physical and psychological functions. So, how do you do that in the height of the summer months?

The ‘Colchonologos®’, sleep specialists from MiColchon, have prepared a list of tips to beat summer insomnia:

1. The bedroom: the main goal should be to maintain an ideal temperature to encourage rest and sleep. The Spanish Sleep Society recommends that rooms be kept at temperatures between 20ºC and 23ºC.

Your bedroom should be well-ventilated (remember to use mosquito nets to avoid bites!). If you have air conditioning, make the most of it, but make sure that the airflow does not hit you directly. Ceiling fans are another great solution, although they can affect allergy sufferers. Light and noise should also be kept to an absolute minimum.

2. Our habits: avoid intense exercise or sport after 6pm, eat light meals and rinse and refresh yourself with water before going to bed – a cold shower is a perfect way to cool down before getting into bed.

3. Sleepwear and bedding: should we sleep with or without pyjamas on? It seems that it is best to wear pyjamas for hygiene, to avoid sweating and better maintain body temperature. As for bed linen, it’s essential to use cotton, Tencel or natural materials that prevent the accumulation of sweat, transpire and absorb humidity, allowing air flow.

4. Your bed and your mattress: if the foundation of your sleep system fails, heat will only be an added problem! You need to choose your sleeping equipment wisely:

An adaptable mattress, with the right firmness for your physique and requirements, and which transpires correctly.

A pillow that keeps your neck in the right position. What if it were cool, too? You’ll be amazed when you touch Micolchon’s HOT COLD model, with a cool fabric side that stays at least 2 degrees below room temperature.

Delivery details and options

TRANSPORT, ASSEMBLY AND RETURN OF USED FREE for the provinces of Malaga and Granada.

The STANDARD delivery service at Micolchon is carried out from Monday to Friday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national or local holidays.

The delivery period will start counting from the moment your order leaves their facilities. Micolchon will notify you via email when your order leaves the facilities and you will be informed of its status.

If you are looking for the best bed shop on the Costa del Sol, offering comfortable solutions without sacrificing style and taste, speak to the experienced and attentive team at Micolchon about how they can help you.

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