Attention all passengers, where IS the best place to sit on a plane?

ATTENTION all passengers, where IS the best place to sit on a plane?

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Many air passengers are faced with the dilemma of exactly where to sit when boarding or booking their flight.

Expert, Anton Radchenko, tells us everything you need to know but were too afraid to ask. Radchenko, the founder of AirAdvisor has the perfect advice for any weary plane passenger, as reported in The Sun, April 20.

Getting 40 winks while flying can be a challenge at the best of times but he advises that choosing the correct side of the cabin makes a difference.

Typically, window seats are the ‘most coveted’ as passengers often use them as a headrest before nodding off.

However, the secret is choosing the left side of the plane, as there is that little bit more room, which Anton claims can make a huge difference.

The flight expert added, ‘left side typically provides more headrest room than the right due to the location of the windows, so aim for the left side.’

And it’s true apparently, other experts have confirmed that seats on the left are usually off-centre owing to the plane door at the front, thus making leaning on the wall more comfortable.

Another obvious advantage is that window seats are the best choice for a nap as there’s less chance of you being disturbed when other passengers go to the bathroom.

Choosing a window seat also carries less risk of becoming ill, a study paid for by Boeing in 2018 found that passengers were 80 per cent more likely to catch a virus from passengers if sitting near them.

It was also discovered that aisle seat passengers come into contact with more people moving around, with an average of 64 contacts, compared to 12 contacts for the window seat passenger.

However, before you rush off and book your seat, just be aware that experts also say that passengers who claim the prized window seat are found to be among the ‘more selfish’ passengers.

Psychologist, Dr Becky Spelman, commented that ‘Passengers who favour the window seat like to be in control. . . and are often more easily irritable.’

So where exactly are the friendliest people? In the aisle seats of course.

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