Spain Exports Tapas Culture To India

Assorted tapas with drinks

Spain Exports Tapas Culture To IndiaImage - tapas: Katty S/shutterstock

It would appear that the world is embracing Spanish tapas culture, with the casual and social eating style reaching the plates of top Indian restaurants.

In Spain, tapas is more than just food. It is a way of life, a way of socialising. It is woven into the social fabric. It is just what you do when you are hanging out with loved ones. It is the perfect accompaniment to a good glass of wine or a beer.

Explore Spanish Food Culture

Apart from being the perfect accompaniment to passing time in good company, tapas is a great way to explore a wide range of Spanish foods quickly. Bite-sized portions mean you can try a regional cheese, cured ham, olives, tortilla, bread, seafood and so much more.

Perfect Cultural Crossover

Numerous Indian restaurants have pounced on the idea of serving tapas, introducing specially curated menus. These are prepared to be enjoyed in a social environment with drinks just like in Spain.

The tapas culture bares some resemblance to Indian appetisers, with the likes of onion bhajis, samosas and pakoras being perfect bite-sized accompaniments to a beer or wine.

Explore Spanish Food Culture

Tapas in Spanish literally means lids. A slightly strange concept although you might imagine a lid as a small plate. Apparently though, the tradition comes from 13th-century tavern owners who would cover customers’ drinks with a slice of bread, ham, or cheese to keep out insects and dust.

Journey To India

Indians have an adventurous palate and seem very keen to explore other cultures. For their own part, they have a food culture of great diversity, featuring bold and potent flavours which have become a favourite of British diners.

The Claridges in New Delhi, advised by the Embassy of Spain have created dishes that authentically represent the essence of Spanish cuisine.

The restaurant’s menu includes classic tapas and desserts such as:

Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with smoked pepper sauce)

Hongos (wild mushroom croquettes served with garlic aioli)

Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos De Queso (stuffed goat cheese in green peppers)

Gambas al Ajillo (pan-fried prawns with garlic, chilli, and fresh thyme).

Crema Catalana (custard flavoured with saffron and a touch of cinnamon, topped with caramelised sugar).

The popularity of the menu has meant that this particular restaurant looks likely to collaborate with the Embassy of Spain every year to celebrate World Tapas Day.

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