Reasons To Avoid Supermarket Self-Checkout Machines

Self-Checkout Dangers

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Self-checkouts in supermarkets are becoming more common. However, making use of them brings with it some risks for the buyer and the company.

On social media platforms such as TikTok, American lawyer Lindsey Granados (@ldbglawyer) has recently highlighted the dangers of automatic checkouts in supermarkets and major fashion stores, warning of defective machines that can lead to wrongful accusations of shoplifting, writes Nuis Diario.

False Accusations Of Theft

Many large supermarket chains and retail surfaces like Decathlon, Zara, and IKEA are implementing self-payment services to streamline the shopping experience, reduce costs, and provide customers with greater independence and privacy. However, some have warned that these machines are ‘defective in many ways and are not sensitive to particularities and, unfortunately, do not scan items from time to time,’ according to Granados.

The danger, as Granados explains, lies in the machines making mistakes that result in unjust accusations of theft. She has shared examples of customers who faced legal problems due to malfunctioning self-pay checkouts, emphasizing the importance of considering the potential risks before choosing this payment method.

Self-Checkouts, Open To Abuse

According to another report by the Mirror, it is estimated that around a third of supermarket shoppers using self-checkouts do not scan and pay for all the items they have purchased. This has led to thieves targeting self-checkouts for stealing items.

There is a percentage of shoppers who select cheap but heavy items, such as potatoes and onions, to pay for more expensive foods like avocados. This dishonest behaviour underscores the need for careful monitoring and effective implementation of these technologies in retail outlets.

Granados advises that it is safest to go through human-staffed checkouts and avoid the temptation to steal, as easy as it may seem at a self-checkout counter. The convenience of self-checkout may be appealing, but the potential dangers should not be overlooked.

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      20 August 2023 • 09:27

      Self-checkouts are way stores cut back on employees, and force the customer to work for them.
      I have no pity for stores if these checkouts are abused. Fix it by employing more operators, and customer will be happy too

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