Who takes responsibility for vehicles damaged during an ITV?

Spanish ITV: Know your rights

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Have you ever wondered who’s liable for repairs if your vehicle is damaged during a Spanish ITV vehicle inspection?

In the unfortunate circumstance that a vehicle incurs damage while undergoing the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) – a process mandatory in Spain for ensuring vehicle safety and environmental compliance – the responsibility for repairs depends on specific circumstances.

The ITV station’s insurance typically covers damages incurred during the inspection process.

Liability during the inspection

In situations where a vehicle sustains damage during the inspection, such as a broken windscreen wiper, window damage, bodywork scratches, or mechanical faults caused by technician actions, the ITV station’s insurance is obliged to cover the repair costs.

This is a critical point to remember, especially if you face such an unfortunate incident.

Post-inspection damage claims

However, if a fault emerges after passing the ITV and exiting the facility, the vehicle owner must prove that the issue resulted from malpractice during the inspection.

This requires evidence that the vehicle was in pristine condition upon arrival and that the breakdown is directly linked to the inspection.

Initiating a claim

The first step in addressing any damage is to lodge a detailed claim with the ITV station, ensuring a copy is retained.

The ITV centre is then required to forward the claim and a comprehensive report to the General Directorate of Industry of the respective autonomous community.

Determining responsibility

Following this, the relevant authorities assess who should bear the repair costs. If the vehicle owner finds the outcome unsatisfactory, they can seek resolution through the standard judicial system.

ITV stations are required by law to have civil liability insurance covering potential material and personal damages to third parties.

These policies must maintain a minimum coverage of €300,500 per inspection line. However, different autonomous communities may set higher amounts, provided they adhere to the legal minimum.

Cover yourself

Repair responsibility during an ITV hinges on when and how the damage occurs. ITV stations hold liability for damages caused during inspections, while proving post inspection damage responsibility falls on the vehicle owner.

It is a good idea for vehicle owners to check carefully when collection one’s car and also document their vehicle’s condition with photos or video evidence before undergoing the MOT.

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