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Here at Cyclogical in Quesada we believe in promoting people’s Health and Wellbeing through cycling and we try very hard to encourage more people to get onto two wheels whether it be on a normal bike or an E-Bike.

More and more people are changing onto E-bikes as it’s more enjoyable than a conventional bike, you will go further, stay out longer, burn more calories and lose weight. Is an E-Bike Cheating?  Definitely not, whether you are returning from an injury, can’t keep up with the group anymore, need some help up the hills or just want to ride for longer, then  E- Bikes are a great choice. An electric bike is an investment and you should never invest in something before doing your homework first. Many E-Bikes can now last for between 100 and 200km on a full charge. There are so many makes and models to choose from that it is important to buy from a proper bike shop where you will get proper advice and proper back up should anything go wrong and a good Bike shop will let you test drive before you decide.

I was dead against E-Bikes 7 or 8 years ago before they became cool, now I think they are the best thing since sliced bread. They have changed with advances in technology and are now close to mirroring standard bicycles in size and shape. Lynn and I opened our store in Ciudad Quesada over 17 years ago and I have been cycling Road bikes for 15 years participating in many road races all over Spain. Back in 2012 we cycled to work most days and were cycling 6 nights a week taking groups out training. We had and still have our Cyclogical training nights on a Tuesday and Thursday after work and on a Sunday morning. I am outside the shop each night waiting to see who turns up, sometimes only 2 x people turn up which is soul destroying but sometimes 30 people turn up. Over the past 3 years (since I got a new Hip) I have lost my Mojo when it comes to Road cycling and especially when going out with the group. Well that all changed 4 months ago when I took a mountain e-bike home after work and loved it, I never went straight home I went for an extra wee ride. I live 3 km from the shop and I had done 10km by the time I got home. I decided that maybe it was time to move on to an electric Road bike. Being the main Dealer on the Costa Blanca for Pinarello, i got in touch with them and asked when the new Nytro E- Road bike was going to be available. When they told me they were just arriving  I got them to send 2 to our store. On my first test ride I was immensely impressed as this was a bike that could easily keep up with my group on a normal ride as it was so light, weighing in at 11.8kg.( the engine cuts out at 25kph ) I was consistently cycling at 32 – 35 kph with ease and when we hit the hills I was off and no one could touch me even although they tried, it was an amazing experience and I had my Mojo back, I was riding like I used to 12 years ago. When I finished my ride my average speed was increased, my heartbeat had never been so high for years and I burnt off more calories than normal. Lynn was also impressed after her first E- Road Bike ride and we have both had our lives completely transformed by our new Road E-bikes and are looking forward to continuing enjoying cycling for many more years to come. We are truly devoted to them and will not be going back to normal bikes again.

Buy a road E-bike if you want to challenge the Athlete in you, without burning yourself out completely, don’t worry about what everyone else thinks, it’s you that matters , so just get on with it. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Here at Cyclogical in Quesada we have over 100 E-Bikes in stock and you can have a no obligation test ride on any E-Bike in our store and we are confident that you will be beaming on your return. Lynn already has a few of her ladies on E-Bikes and if anyone fancies joining her just give us a call. I am also looking at starting a new Cyclogical Road E-Bike group at the end of January and also looking at completing in Sportifs again this time in the E-Bike class.

Team “Cyclogical” A Group  meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5.00pm and Sunday mornings at 8am and cover between 90 and 120kms at a moderate to fast pace and the B Group meet  on a Thursday at 5pm and a Sunday at 8am and cover between 60 and 80kms at a slower steady pace, if you fancy a challenge come along and join us. Looking to improve your fitness, riding ability and speed and also have a new group of friends to train with then why not come along and give it a try or call Gary or Lynn on 637 487 377.  

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