Spanish National police roll out new digital identity scheme

Enhanced digital identity introduced in Spain

Enhanced digital identity. Credit:

Spain’s National Police have launched an ambitious Digital Identity Plan aimed at enhancing public administration effectiveness and digital service accessibility for individuals and businesses alike.

This initiative, announced on Thursday, February 29, and taking place across Spain, introduces the concept of a ‘virtual DNI’ (National Identity Document), setting a new standard for digital interaction with both government and private sectors.

Enhancing citizen services with modern technology

One key aspect of the plan involves the modernisation of 351 Documentation Update Posts (PADs) within police stations, allowing for the renewal of DNI certificates, password changes for electronic certificates, and data verification processes.

So far, 20 of these updated PADs are operational, with the remaining set to be installed over the year. The project also envisages the addition of 210 PADs in more municipalities, starting in June, to make government services more accessible to the public.

Simplifying payments and expanding accessibility

The introduction of a point-of-sale (POS) system for paying fees related to identity and travel documents marks a significant improvement in customer service.

This system, developed in partnership with Banco Santander and Getnet, is now fully operational, offering a more convenient payment method for citizens.

Over 1,800 payment terminals have been installed at document issuing stations nationwide, ensuring coverage for all forms of card and mobile payments.

This initiative not only reduces the need to handle cash but also moves towards a more digitalised and efficient processing experience.

Introducing the ‘miDNI’ for secure digital identity

The ‘miDNI’ project is set to transform how individuals interact with public and private sectors by providing a virtual representation of the physical DNI

This digital version, which includes a QR code electronically signed by the Police, aims to replicate the security and trust of the traditional ID card.

A centralised system will facilitate the issuance and verification of this virtual ID, offering a secure and convenient alternative for identity verification in various contexts, including banking, hospitality, and vehicle rental services.

Expanding express DNI issuance and mobile units

To further improve service delivery, the plan includes the deployment of express DNI issuance modules, enabling quicker processing times while maintaining individual privacy.

Additionally, the introduction of mobile documentation units aims to extend these services to more remote areas of Spain, ensuring that all citizens have access to essential documentation services, including for the first time, passport issuance.

The initiative is rounded off with the addition of 155 new Waiting Management Teams, integrated with the appointment system to streamline the process for those visiting Documentation Units.

This comprehensive approach to digital identity not only promises to enhance the security and accessibility of government services but also positions Spain at the forefront of digital innovation in public administration.

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John Ensor

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    • Mark

      01 March 2024 • 09:46

      How does one access/ sign up to MIDNIGHT?

    • Lola Koll

      01 March 2024 • 10:29

      I’m 80, and don’t have/use a phone…how am I going to be able to do this?

    • Robert Faraday

      01 March 2024 • 11:37

      So re-re-reading the info that is only really applicable for us wishing to visit the local Police Station for their Residencia cards etc, except that the 155 new Waiting Management Teams, is surely gibberish talk for glorified Bus Shelters to protect those waiting against the sun ?

    • Brian

      01 March 2024 • 14:02

      Probably very useful for those “nerds” who know how to do everything online but others (including my wife and I) aren’t that tech-minded nor 100% perfect at written Spanish! Could this mean ever tighter control of the masses and their lifestyles?

    • Stephen

      01 March 2024 • 16:23

      While I understand people being suspicious and questioning of any new system, I welcome anything that will change an existing system, which is out dated, undignified, exhausting and confusing. I also understand those people who are not interested using mobile telephones or computers but I am sure that with assistance from others, they will prefer nit ti have to wait around outside and inside offices, often in the heat if the day and then be told to return another day. My only hope is that this us a well thought out system that will make applying for documents clear, understandable and simple with as little red tape as possible. I also hope that they make the system as secure as possible. As reading about the breaches and leaking of personal information does not give one confidence.

    • Linda Davidson

      02 March 2024 • 07:49

      Many people may think this is a good idea but it is really just more control over your freedoms. We are losing our freedom every single day with the great idea we should all go digital. then a few years down the line we will have all rights to use cash and we will have to use digital credits of course controlled by the governments and banks. That is the ultimate plan. The governments want to control us 100% and so they ease in this nonsense and we go along with and one day the government will say the majority of people use this system so we no longer need cash and that will be a very very bad thing for everyone but the banks will love it, they are already closing down banks and forcing people to use ATMs at an alarming rate. We are being led like pigs to the slaughter.

      • Billy

        03 March 2024 • 02:41

        Absolutely correct Linda. Digital ID = slavery. Blockchain = slavery. Digital money = slavery. They use convenience as an excuse to sell a service that after you come to rely on it, will control your life. They will tell you how much beef you can buy per month, and count your carbon credits to give you a social credit score, that will determine if you may travel, get loans, etc.

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