Rowdy passengers: Dublin – Ibiza flight diverted to Palma

Guardia Civil, Palma

Guardia Civil, Palma. Shutterstock

Drunk passengers attacked a flight attendant and the plane was forced to divert to PMI, where the aggressors were arrested.

Inebriated passengers attacked a flight attendant during flight flight RYR9177/FR9177 from Dublin to Ibiza on Saturday 27 April, causing it to be diverted to Palma.

Palma airport received notification that a passenger on a Ryanair plane needed medical assistance at 1:15 p.m.

Emergency services and the Guardia Civil set off to meet the flight, which had taken off from Dublin at 9.40 am.

Flight attendantneeded medical attention

A group of drunk passengers had allegedly assaulted one of the airline’s flight attendants, causing her to become very agitated. According to witnesses, she was very upset and about to burst into tears.

Several of the aggressors were detained by Guardia Civil police, which have a patrol at the airport.

The flight attendant required medical assistance, so a substitute had to be brought in.

The delayed flight finally arrived at Ibiza at around 3 pm, almost three hours late.

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    • John McLean

      30 April 2024 • 08:34

      Ryanair again. They are still allowing drunken passengers onto their aircraft instead of refusing them at the boarding gate

      • Yvonne

        30 April 2024 • 10:08

        And they keep serving them drinks during the flight…

      • J.cotterell

        30 April 2024 • 16:03

        Exactly,no control.

    • Vinci

      30 April 2024 • 13:54

      Disgraceful. The airline should be made to pay compensation. I once travelled to Spain with Ryanair- once was enough. British Airways now my airline of choice.

      • Cotty

        30 April 2024 • 16:05

        It’s in ryanairs t&C’s to stop them boarding,they don’t even ask for boarding passes as you board now!!!?!

    • Brian

      30 April 2024 • 17:30

      They owe a duty of care to their staff. The Captain has the final say in all matters. If he says no it’s safer to do it on the ground where the police can deal with the low life’s. Problem then is getting their luggage of which can take up to an hour and likely loose their slot. It can sometimes take another hour to get another slot. So it’s a hard call. I think they should issue the passengers two vouchers which enables them to buy 2 drinks. No more. That of course changes the whole dynamic of the commercial use of airports and the rents that can be charged. Which will eventually feed through to more expensive air fares. The divert probably will cost them around £5000 each which Ryanair may go after them for. Plus of course compensation for the stewardess. Then there’s the court case……………………

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