With international flights being cancelled remember airline staff

Tats out for the passengers Credit: Virgin Atlantic Twitter

Tats out for the passengers Credit: Virgin Atlantic Twitter

WITH international flights being cancelled remember airline staff who have just celebrated International Flight Attendants Day on May 31.

During the pandemic many thousands were laid off whilst others continued to staff the few flights that were operating, risking the possibility of catching coronavirus.

Now they are experiencing another difficult period, with passengers understandably upset and irritated by the uncertainty of cancelled flights and long expensive stop overs when no immediate replacement options are available.

If you are stuck at an airport with little money and very little information from the airlines it is no wonder that tempers fray and ground staff in particular are taking the brunt of complaints whilst it is undoubtedly the fault of most airlines that they aren’t briefing their staff properly.

Many European Airports have admitted that to add to the problems, they are understaffed and therefore add to the frustration as passengers often can’t move swiftly though check-in and security checks which means that some are missing flights which are actually taking off.

If airlines are responsible for the cancellation of flights due to their inability to carry passengers who have paid, then they should (and often do) have a responsibility to find accommodation and alternative flights for passengers and where required by law to pay compensation promptly.

Don’t forget, when you are cruising at 35,000 feet and something goes wrong with passenger health, drunken idiots or mechanical problems, it’s the crew you have to rely on to ensure your safety.

In recognition of International Flight Attendants Day which was inaugurated in 2015, Virgin Atlantic have decided to encourage their tattooed attendants to roll up their sleeves and let passengers share their ink.

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