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, Cadaqué a picturesque fishing village

Spain's Best-Kept Secrets to Explore. credit: Wikipedia/Anthiro 57

WHEN we think of Spain, the iconic cities of Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville often come to mind. However, beyond these renowned destinations lies a treasure trove of lesser-known towns that offer a unique and authentic Spanish experience for those looking to explore off the beaten path. In this article, we will embark on a journey through some of Spain’s hidden gems, towns that possess rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and a warm welcome for expatriates seeking new adventures and a slower pace of life.


Nestled in the heart of the Andalusian mountains, Ronda exudes charm and history. Its dramatic setting atop a towering cliff, with the El Tajo Gorge cutting through the town, offers breathtaking views. You can wander through narrow cobblestone streets, discover ancient Moorish architecture, and visit the famous Puente Nuevo, a stone bridge connecting the old and new parts of the town. With a vibrant local culture, Ronda offers a perfect balance between tranquillity and activity.

A view of the famous Puente Nuevo

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Located on the northeastern coast of Catalonia, Cadaqués is a picturesque fishing village renowned for its natural beauty and artistic legacy. This idyllic town captivated renowned artists such as Salvador Dalí, who once called it home. Expats can explore the charming whitewashed houses, wander along the Mediterranean coastline, and savour delicious seafood in local taverns. Cadaqués’ serene atmosphere and artistic spirit make it an enchanting haven for expatriates seeking inspiration.

The picturesque fishing village of Cadaqués

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Situated in the province of Extremadura, Trujillo is a historic town with a fascinating past. Its medieval streets and well-preserved palaces bear witness to its illustrious history, shaped by conquistadors who embarked on the New World’s adventures. Expats can visit the imposing Plaza Mayor, explore the castle, and indulge in the rich gastronomy of the region. Trujillo offers a glimpse into Spain’s colonial heritage while providing a tranquil setting for expatriates to immerse themselves in a slower pace of life.

Plaza Mayor in Trujillo

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Tucked away in the hills of the Costa del Sol, Frigiliana is a charming whitewashed village with Moorish influences. Its maze-like streets adorned with vibrant flower pots, quaint shops, and picturesque squares create a delightful ambiance. Expats can experience the annual Festival of Three Cultures, celebrating the town’s Christian, Muslim, and Jewish heritage. Frigiliana offers expatriates an authentic Spanish lifestyle, surrounded by natural beauty and a close-knit community.

Frigiliana a charming whitewashed village

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Cangas de Onís:

Located in the Asturias region, Cangas de Onís serves as the gateway to the stunning Picos de Europa National Park. Surrounded by lush green valleys and majestic mountains, this town offers a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Expats can explore historic landmarks like the Roman Bridge and the Church of Santa Cruz while enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and mountaineering. Cangas de Onís provides expatriates with a tranquil escape into nature’s embrace

Lush green valleys of Cangas de Onís

Photo credit: Wikipedia/Luis Cayola

Spain’s lesser-known towns offer a chance to discover hidden gems that may have eluded popular travel guides. From the breathtaking landscapes of Ronda and Cangas de Onís to the artistic charm of Cadaqués and the rich history of Trujillo, each town presents a unique experience for expatriates seeking a genuine Spanish adventure. So, venture off the beaten path and uncover these lesser-known towns, where new discoveries and unforgettable memories await.



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