Flying cars: Almeria speaks

Vox pop: Almeria on flying car

Image of the flying car. Credit: Klein Vision

Legendary French musician Jean Michel Jarre recently took a trip in a flying car, Euro Weekly News conducted a survey to see what the public thought.

EWN asked the question: Now that musician Jean Michel Jarre has become the first passenger in a flying car, do you think this concept will take off as you need both a driver’s and a pilot’s licence and three months of instruction or will it be just another rich person’s toy?


Originally from Australia, Sarah who has lived in Spain for six years, shared some positive comments: ‘I think that flying cars will take off in a big way amongst the middle and upper middle classes that have the time and money to invest in licensing and hardware.

‘I bet that people will make a good living from driving a flying car for passengers who can afford it. With Jean Michael Jarre and Brian May involved, the whole thing is a bit theatrical! I think it is a good thing!’


Nina who settled in Spain three years ago said: ‘Eventually we will all have this option. It’s progress, you either embrace it or you get left behind. I think it will be fun. I wonder if it will be age-restricted if you have to be 17 to pass the test?’


Car mechanic, Carlos was a little more sceptical and felt that the idea of a flying car was, ‘A rich person’s toy. It sounds a bit impractical to me, it’ll mean more runways to take off and land. The average person couldn’t afford to invest in something like that.  Then there is the safety aspect, which is the biggest factor.’


Martin shared his thoughts with a sprinkling of humour: ‘With Jean-Michel Jarre involved, I wonder if they’ll need Oxygene up there?’

Martin also questioned the safety aspects: ‘As more and more of these take to the sky, who will decide on the “traffic rules”, and who will enforce them? Where will the speed cameras be placed?

‘Will the AA or RAC have to stock and deliver parts to broken-down vehicles, or will it just be a case of shovelling the crashed vehicles into a ditch along with the occupants?

‘I’m sure it will take-off at some point, but for some time to come, it will be rich boys’ toys. No doubt the sceptics will all be proven wrong eventually,’ he concluded.


Seasoned traveller Diana has lived in Spain for 20 years: ‘Not sure about flying cars! Seems a bit “James Bondish” and certainly not for me. A crazy notion dreamt up for very rich people whose wealth ensures that their feet need not remain grounded … unlike most of the population!’

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Written by

John Ensor

Originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire, John now lives in Galicia, Northern Spain with his wife Nina. He is passionate about news, music, cycling and animals.